Soft to the touch, the luxurious Inka Velvet Pouch is a sumptuous piece available in a variety of shades. Featuring a quilted pattern and zip, this pouch adds a playful touch of luxury to your look.

  • 100% Cotton Velvet Outer
  • Quilted pattern
  • Zip closure


Vijay Design Inspiration is the supplier of our vegan fabric bags. VDI’s specialty is their in-house vertical production specialising in embroidery and stitching.

What we admire about VDI is their approach to their workers. They practice Raiyona meditation and endeavour to bring spirituality into everyday life and have a positive impact through every action and connection.

A quarter of the company’s profits are invested back into social projects like education and health care through the World Renewal Trust of Brahma Kumaris Organisation.

To maintain the beauty of your ELK pouch we recommend using protective sprays to treat the product, which will increase its longevity. Do not rub your pouch against abrasive surfaces. 

Elk Inka Pouch

$35.00 35.00

Elk Inka Pouch