With musicians ranging from the 1960s until now and spanning a wide variety of different genres and backgrounds, theres puns for everyone. Enjoy some solo brain-training and test your music knowledge; pit yourself against friends and family, or work together for your powers combined, for hours of pun! You will need to trawl your memory and strain your brain for associations. Some answers will come quickly, others will be mischievously elusive, and some will be so fiendish that theyll be laugh-out-loud satisfying when you arrive at that ultimate eureka moment! 

If you need a hint, there is an envelope within that contains a list of all the artists contained within the puzzle. When you are at your wits end, the other side reveals a diagrammatic key of the answers so that you can enjoy the forehead-slapping groan as each pun is revealed. 

Youll never want the pun to stop! How many can you find?

Size: 69 x 54.6cm


Puntastic Puzzle Music

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Puntastic Puzzle Music