Celebrate your love of ramen with this playful memory game.

Featuring 25 different styles and flavors of this popular Japanese dish - from Soy to Tonkotsu and even Instant noodles - this unique game is an ideal gift for noodle-lovers of all ages. This noodle-filled memory game includes:

  • 50 matching cards
  • 16-page illustrated booklet featuring ramen profiles and trivia

About the Author

Zachary Woodard is a writer, educator, and avid gamer in Philadelphia. Zachary loves food, the way it brings us together, and how we use it to express ourselves. His favorite food is the dahi puri from a small corner stand in Mumbai. He hopes to one day get to travel through Japan and sample as many authentic gotochi ramen as he can.

Ramen, Ramen A Memory Game

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Ramen, Ramen A Memory Game